Other Information

Uploading files

For all file uploads, if at all possible PLEASE DO NOT ‘share’ a FOLDER containing multiple files with me on Dropbox etc – instead send me a link to a zipped package of the files you’re sending. If you want to use Dropbox (or Box), put the zipped package into your Dropbox and share the link for that file with me, or use the new “Send With Transfer” feature on Dropbox.  You can also upload files to me via my WeTransfer channel at dogmatic.wetransfer.com – you can send me 20GBytes at a time up to 100GB total. If you need to send more than that, contact me.

Delivering overdubs

If you’re sending overdubs for a mix and they need to sync to an existing multitrack mix I’m working on, please be sure to include the reference file/mix you’re overdubbing to and be sure that all the files have the same start time as the reference file. Alternately include a snippet of the reference file or countoff in the audio you’re sending me so I have a prayer of syncing your files to the existing multitrack.