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January 2008

Last year was an incredibly busy and rewarding one – so much great music, and I feel so fortunate to be making a living working with such incredible musicians.

Highlights from the last 5 months include:

Mixing a live concert DVD of the Killer – Jerry Lee Lewis! The video includes some very nice interview footage with Jerry and his sister that was really informative, and very tender too…

Just finished up mixing a project of Vince Mendoza’s. Vince has been one of my favorite artists ever since I heard “Start Here” in the late 80’s and listened to it non-stop driving from Chicago to Los Angeles. This particular project is a collaboration with the German WDR (radio orchestra), and features a sort of Gil Evans-ish ensemble – 3 brass, 3 woodwinds, string quartet, vibes, harp, and a rhythm section featuring Peter Erskine and the amazing Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Li. The music is *GORGEOUS*, and it was so great to finally work with Vince on something. The CD will be titled “Bluesounds”, and will be released by ACT records – maybe in the spring?
(note: It’s available under the german title “Blauklang” on ACT and was nominated for a grammy in 2008)

Also just finished mixing a project for saxophonist Bennie Maupin – a recording done in Warsaw of his Polish quartet (piano, bass, drums, and sax). Beautiful playing from a really stellar group, and a wonderful setting for Bennie’s austere approach. This CD will be out on Cryptogramophone in the spring, and I don’t know the title yet. Great to spend some time with Bennie and hear him talk about so many of the pivotal jazz groups he was an integral part of.