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Chris Minh Doky May 2009

Spent the last two days doing the basic tracks for bassist Chris Minh Doky at Threshold Sound in Santa Monica. Band was Minh on acoustic bass, Larry Goldings on piano, and Peter Erskine on Drums.

The Metropole Orchestra is going to add strings arranged and conducted by Vince Mendoza.

Beautiful songs (mostly by Minh, with one or two by Vince I think…).

We had a pile of DPA mics on this date – in particular we were using the large diaphragm 4041 tube on the bass in addition to an ORTF pair of 4021s – I really liked the 4041 on bass, and the new wide-cardioid 4015 sounded especially good on snare drum.

Only had time for a couple of snaps, and couldn’t get any good ones of Larry (lousy light in the piano booth).

Billy Childs May 2009

Just finished 4 days in the studio tracking basics on the new Billy Childs project – an *incredibly* ambitious project; over 70 minutes of essentially through-composed music for jazz sextet, string quartet, and (on one piece) wind quintet.

The core band was Billy on piano, Scott Colley on bass, Larry Koonse on guitar, Carol Robbins on Harp, Bob Sheppard on reeds, and Antonio Sanchez and Brian Blade on drums. The string quartet was the marvelous Ying Quartet from Rochester, NY – everyone sounded fantastic!

We recorded at LA Sound Gallery in Burbank – a really nice sounding very large room (it used to be the famous Evergreen studios).

Here’s a few snaps:

May 2009


A nice orchestra date over at Warner Brothers Eastwood Stage yesterday. I think around 60 pieces, and a huge choir at the end of the day. Didn’t get any pics of the choir alas…

Alex Cline – “Continuation”

This is not the most mics I’ve ever put on a drum kit, but it’s close… From Alex Cline’s CD “Continuation” recorded at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank during April of 2008. A lovely CD, it’s available on Cryptogramophone records.