Uploading files

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE A FOLDER containing multiple files with me on Dropbox/Box/etc! PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING METHODS:

1) If you want to use Dropbox (or Box), use the “Send With Transfer” feature in Dropbox or put the zipped package into your Dropbox/Box folder and share the link for that single zipped file with me.

2) You can upload files to me directly via my WeTransfer channel. Just point your browser to: dogmatic.wetransfer.com – add your files and click “Transfer” – I’ll get an email notifying me that you’ve sent them. You can send me 20GBytes at a time up to 100GB total. If you need to send more than that, contact me.

3) If you have a preferred file transfer method (your own server, AWS S3, Hightail, etc) feel free to use them but just send a link to a SINGLE ZIPPED file. If it’s really huge (larger than 20GB) please break it up into a few smaller packages.