Uploading files

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE A FOLDER or FOLDERS containing multiple files with me on Dropbox/Box/Google Drive/etc!

Links to multiple folders are an endless source of headaches here – I prefer single-click downloads per song or per project. Please read the following:

1) You can upload files to me directly via my WeTransfer channel. Just point your browser to: dogmatic.wetransfer.com – add your files and click “Transfer” – I’ll get an email notifying me that you’ve sent them. You can send me 20GBytes at a time up to 100GB total. If you need to send more than that, contact me.

2) If you want to use Dropbox (or Box or Google Drive), use the “Send With Transfer” feature in Dropbox or put the zipped package into your Dropbox/Box/Drive folder and share the link for that single zipped file with me.

3) If you have a preferred file transfer method (your own server, AWS S3, Hightail, etc) feel free to use them but just send a link to a SINGLE ZIPPED file (per song or even project). If it’s really huge (larger than 20GB) please break it up into a few smaller packages.