Seth MacFarlane “Once In A While”

A new album from Seth landed this week. It’s a collection of lovely songs – some well known, some more obscure – all arranged by the marvelous British arranger Andrew Cottee, and produced by Joel McNeely.

The basic tracks for this were recorded in 2016 at Abbey Road Studio 2 in London. Seth brought a core band with him from L.A.; Peter Erskine, Chuck Berghofer, Larry Koonse, Tom Ranier, and Dan Higgins. The rest of the orchestra was made up of mostly players from the fantastic John Wilson Orchestra. As you can imagine, this was an absolute joy to record, and the final album is sumptuous!

For those who are interested, this was initially recorded to double-24 tracks which we then transferred into digital for post work. The smell of tape in the small control room at Abbey Road 2 was almost overpowering at times! Many thanks go to the stellar crew at Abbey – an engineer really can’t go wrong with these folks keeping an eye on things for you!

I understand the digital release is out and the CD is coming shortly – as of middle of April we’re still working on getting a good test pressing of the vinyl, but I expect it will be out in the next month or so.

Here’s a few snaps from the sessions – enjoy!