Mike Landau, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novak

2/15/2010 – UPDATE

This project is mixed, mastered, and delivered this week.  Sadly, no pics since I only mixed this project and didn’t do any of the rhythm tracking – a few vocal tracks with Robben was about all.

Good stuff!


Spent the last few weeks mixing a very cool new band project with Robben Ford, Mike Landau, Gary Novak and Jimmy Haslip.  Album will be called “Renegade Creation”.  Mike Landau has a studio in his home where he tracked everyone.  Two of my favorite guitar players on one project!  Great to work with any one of these guys, but all at once is more than one could ask for!   Anyway, the CD’s really nice, and will be coming out on Mike Varney’s label sometime in the spring I think.  I’ll post when I get some details about release, etc…