Los Angeles Guitar Quartet 2019-08

Lovely week of recording for a new album with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet in Cammilleri Hall at the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC.

This hall is a pretty interesting place: A small (maybe 200 seat) performance space designed by Yasuhisa Toyota (who also worked on the acoustics at Disney Hall). The walls are mostly diffusive panels cast from concrete or ceramic, and while the footprint of the hall is very small, the active acoustic space extends up 3 stories, and the stage floor is a tuned resonator that forms a significant part of the acoustics. The reverb time can be controlled very effectively with 5 sets of remote-control curtains in the upper 2 stories – the whole thing works remarkably well for solo and small group performances. A very rich sounding space.  There’s some more interesting info about the hall here: https://www.nagata.co.jp/e_news/news1301-e.html

Mic’ing was pretty standard with Sennheiser MKH80/800s, DPA 4011s, and a couple of Schoeps omnis.

Steve Rodby produced – probably be finishing this up in a few months.