Bob Florence “Legendary”


Finally finished mixing the Bob Florence big band CD, “Legendary”. This was a labor of love for everyone involved. Before Bob’s passing last year he had written all the material, but the sessions were postponed several times due to Bob’s increasingly fragile health, and finally Bob was never able to hear this material recorded.

The band went in to Capitol A and recorded it over a couple of days last October. This is a really special recording, and one I hope Bob would be proud of – the band is excellent, and features amongst others, Peter Erskine on drums, and the wonderful Alan Broadbent on piano.

Every moment of this record reminds me of Bob, and I truly miss him – his sense of humor and elegance come through in every note – I enjoyed working with him so, and wish he was around to hear this one – I think he’d be happy with it…

This will be released by Summit under the newly resurrected MAMA name.

Here’s a few snaps: